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Does Car Insurance Cover Repair After Accident ?

Does Car Insurance Cover Repair After Accident ?

When you make the decision to purchase car insurance. The first question that comes to mind is, “Does car insurance cover accident repair?” Following this, the next question is which car insurance covers car repair after an accident.

The understanding that there are various types of insurance and you would have to chose based on the type of coverage you  want and the limit. For the sake of this article we would be looking at which car insurance covers Repairs after accident.

How auto insurance works.

Most auto policies provide various varieties of automobile insurance coverage, each aimed at covering a specific set of expenses. For instance –, one component of your policy may cover vehicle repairs, whilst the other pays for damage caused by a third party.

All forms of insurance has a threshold, which is the most your contract will pay after a mishap. A good number of these limits are customizable depending on the amount of protection you want and the amount you’re ready to pay for your policy. Insurance types, such as comprehensive and collision, are not customizable and are restricted to the financial value of your vehicle at the point of a covered incident.

The more  car insurance protection you purchase, the lesser the financial burden  you will encounter after an accident — however the higher your insurance rates.

Haven known the workings of car insurance, we can take a look at which car insurance covers the repair cost of your car. So we will be looking at comprehensive and collision insurance

Collision and comprehensive coverage

Collision insurance is an auto coverage that compensates the policyholder for damage to one’s private car caused by the policyholder  negligence.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are voluntary in all states, but they may be become statutory if you bankrolled or partly owned your car. If your car is stolen or ruined beyond repair, the above insurance types would either pay to repair it or compensate you for its worth.

How collision insurance works

Collisions the names suggest, compensates the policyholder for damages done by an actual collision. It doesn’t cover theft or burglary damage. However it does not pay for damages paid for by a different driver’s insurance policy when that other driver was at responsible.

How comprehensive insurance works

In a scenario where  your vehicle has been damaged in a way that is not the result of a collision, comprehensive insurance coverage may assist you with the costs of repairs.

comprehensive insurance cover provide protection for things that an individual cannot control .Example of such

  • Animal damage
  • theft
  • Natural disaster
  • fire
  • Criminal damage

To answer our root topic ,Yes car insurance covers repair for your car if the accident occurred from

Comprehensive auto insurance protects car owners from events that are out of their controlWhile Collision  insurance protects you against events beyond your control in a case where an oncoming driver rams into your car


Car Insurance does not cover regular repair but rather accident repairs. For all your insurance needs there’s a tailor made package designed to Insurance desire and will also work with your financial package .

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